Business areas

The long-standing, conventional process know-how of Bowas-Induplan Chemie forms an important basis for the planning, construction of its chemical and energetic materials plants.

In addition to the planning and construction of complete new plants - turnkey plants - Bowas-Induplan Chemie also carries out the modernization of existing plants. Our focus is on safety, saving on raw materials, cost-effectiveness in energy and personnel requirements, as well as compliance with strict environmental protection requirements.

Chemical Intermediate Plants

  • Linters treatment
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Nitro guanidine
  • Acid reconcentration
  • Waste gas cleaning and Wastewater treatment in explosvies factories

Energetic Materials Plants

Plants for the production of energetic materials

Machine Program

Single machines and technology for propellant plants such as shear roll mill, isostatic blocking, batch and continuous extrusion, graining device, cutting machines, etc

Ordinance Disposal Plants

  • Disassembly of Ammunition
  • Thermal disposal of explosives and ammunition
  • Recycling of explosives and ammunition
  • Thermal treatment of soil, contaminated with explosives